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Sep 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
of the united states. you have to show some respect. >> it's a good comical items and that's all it is. it doesn't pick one political candidate over another. >> the store owner has said that the romney bop has not been made because they have not had calls for them. we posted this on the facebook page and received a dozen responses. we want to know what you think because we he were chatting about this in the newsroom this morning. >> yeah. the appropriateness of how we go after our political candidates and elected officials. they open themselves up to levels of criticism but is this going too far? let us know what you think at the abc2 news facebook site. >> how happy are your-- >>> how happy that the kids are back in school? >> our video clip of the day. a mom so excited she couldn't hide it. and you will see it coming up in few. [ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuf
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1